Doing the right things

Doing the right things goes without question. Despite the best efforts, adopting a process excellence strategy will fail unless the leaders of an organization commit to getting the basics right.

Articles have been written and studies undertaken year of after to show the state of process excellence only to highlight some of the same challenges leaders continue to experience. Many of these frustrations can be avoided when leaders commit to maintaining a robust opportunity selection and resourcing system.

Doing the right thing ensures that the loudest voice or department does not automatically obtain the lions share of process excellence resources and effort. 

The leadership of an organisation owe it to all stakeholders to establish a robust system that effectively:

  1. identifies all opportunities
  2. Prioritizes and selects the right opportunities
  3. Defines the top opportunities in detail
  4. Selects the right method to apply and the right resources for execution

Doing the right things 1: Doing the right thing is about scanning the entire organizations for improvement and growth opportunities for both short term and long term impact.

Doing the rights things 2: Armed with a basic overview of potential projects a mechanism is developed that objectively assists with prioritizing all the organizations opportunities and their worth. Selection is made using basic mathematics or statistics followed by a logic screening undertaken by leaders at various levels within the organization.

Doing the right things 3: The selected projects are carefully defined by the project sponsor using as much data and evidential facts as is available at the time.

Doing the right things 4: Before the right qualified resource is handed an opportunity to lead, leaders should select the appropriate process excellence method that will efficiently deliver the best results.

During the following four posts we will explore each one of the four steps in much more detail.

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