Identifying Processes Excellence Opportunities

Identifying processes excellence opportunities is the most critical point in the journey towards achieving process excellence. It ensures prioritisation of the ‘right’ resources focussing on the ‘right’ opportunities that stand to create the most value to the company and its stakeholders.

Identifying processes excellence opportunities is the first step towards prioritising, selection, and defining, and resourcing for efficiency and effectiveness improvement opportunity implementation.

Identifying processes excellence opportunities is a task that involves the organisations leadership, excellence champions and sponsors, project team leaders and everyone involved in the processes. 

Identifying processes excellence opportunity is a simple yet crucial step. It is basic good management practice but surprisingly often neglected or poorly executed. Without a structured identification mechanism, the proverbial loudest voice gets the resources to go after biased opportunities. The result is often frustration and minimal impact on the bottom line.

When identify opportunities different approaches can be adopted. Typically a mix of top-down and bottom-up delivers the best results.

Leaders of an organization have a good view of the big picture. Opportunities lie in the organization’s strategic intent, gaps that exist in achieving key performance indicators and financial results, or understanding the current level and target level of the organization’s processes maturity (see article Maturity Roadmap). 

A valuable tool for aiding the top-down approach is the Goal Tree that distils specific opportunities form the high levels objectives.

Those in the processes, whether on the shop floor or admin and services processes are best placed to identify opportunities of improvement in the organizations core and supporting processes. 

Measuring defects, output speed, resource usage, throughput and many others against a processes entitlement is the first stop for identifying opportunities.

Process mapping and/or value stream mapping remain the best approaches to understanding processes and for identifying process excellence opportunities.

Although a good mix of top-down and bottom up approach yield great results, the entire stage of process identification should be owned and driven by the organisations leadership. Regular iteration should form of the standard operating procedure for identifying opportunities.

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