Lean Six Sigma Project Cycle Time -Myth #1

“It works, but why does it seem that the lean six sigma project cycle time takes so long to deliver results?” is what some of You May be Thinking.

This Lean Six Sigma project cycle time myth, is as a result of a low percentage of the projects in the overall portfolio that suffered from:

  1. Incorrect project selection. That is, a project that is not business critical or not truly improvement orientated. The result is poor management support.
  2. Inappropriate application of methods and tools.
  3. Incorrect resources. Incorrect here implies, resources have too much on their plates and insufficient time to devote to an improvement project. This includes project team members.
  4. Resources not given the opportunity to evolve up the learning curve. Often due to resource constraints and assignment changes, Belts do not have the opportunity to mature to the point of delivering projects fast using only appropriate tools.

These are factors that are eliminated with correct deployment and use of the complete suite of Lean Six Sigma methods and tools.

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