Process Excellence Characteristics and Principles

Process Excellence characteristics and principles and decided by the leadership of an organisation and it is the vital role of the Process Excellence Masters to implement the Methods and practices to imbed such a vision.

Typical examples of Process Excellence vision include some of these characteristics :

  • global thinking and local acting (local vs. global)
  • an agile and flexible organisation (frozen vs. liquid)
  • customer focused (internal vs. external focus)
  • fact-based decision making (trial & error vs. Lean Six Sigma)
  • sustained continuous improvement (fire fighting vs. being proactive)

A Process Excellence vision is often based on principles that drive:

  • standardised global core processes, transparency, cross-functional teams, knowledge and best practice sharing
  • improved flow and speed of information and material, sustainable change and execution
  • Voice of the Customer, improved quality and efficiency, productivity
  • data orientation, root cause analysis
  • sustainable problem solving and decision making capability

Process Excellence Masters are absolutely key to helping Business achieve ist excellence vision. The responsibilites of a Process Excellence Master includes:

  • Process Excellence Masters are the link between leadership and the business.
  • Process Excellence Masters need to think both global and local.
  • It is a Process Excellence Master's responsibility to ensure your areas of responsibility adopts the process excellence principles.
  • It is up to Process Excellence Master's to challenge the business when the process excellence principles are forsaken.
  • Not only must Process Excellence Masters ensure that the business select projects that provide maximum return, they also need to ensure that they apply process excellence practices appropriately and correctly.

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